January 31st, 2011

K2 Cinch Cts Snowboard Binding - Yellow 2010

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K2 Cinch Cts Snowboard Binding - Yellow 2010

Price: £115.00

Brand: K2 Snowboards

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Here we have the K2 Cinch Cts Snowboard Binding - Yellow 2010. Click on the image for a larger view.

K2 Cinch CTS Snowboard Binding - Yellow 2010
The K2 Cinch CTS Snowboard Bindings offer customised comfort and convenience. Consider the K2 Cinch CTS a hybrid of the binding world - offering the benefit of effortless entry/exit with cinch technology, and the customised fit of the conventional ankle and toe strap. This is what happens when you combine the comfort of a recliner and the customised fit of a Formula One racing seat. Your snowboard boots couldn’t ask for a better place to be. The upgraded Cinch CTS comes complete with NEW Seamless EVA footbed, giving you an unimaginably comfy ride. The NEW Airframe Highback and NEW Cored Universal Toe Strap allowed K2 to make this snowboard binding lighter and more comfortable than ever before.

CHASSIS: C2 Chassis with Aluminum Heelcup

NEW Seamless EVA with Pop-Top Disc Cover
Tool-Less Adjust Power Ramp

HIGHBACK: NEW Airframe Highback
ANKLE STRAP: Caddy Ankle Strap
STRAP FEATURES: Tool-less centering adjust
TOE STRAP: NEW Tool-less Cored Universal Toe Strap
RATCHET: Speed Ratchets
DISC: Multi-Compatible and Offset Discs

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