August 20th, 2011

The Innermost Limits Of Pure Fun - Surf DVD

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The Innermost Limits Of Pure Fun - Surf DVD

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Announced for the Autumn/Winter season we have the The Innermost Limits Of Pure Fun - Surf DVD. Click on the image for a larger view.

Producer: George Greenough
Country: Australia
Year: 2008 Re-release from 1968
Format: NTSC
Languages: English

This release is essential watching because it is a cinematic masterwork of the highest magnitude. In it, George Greenough chronicles ground zero of the shortboard revolution as it evolved in 1968. This highly personalized film is the prime instigator’s perspective of the innovations that changed surfing forevermore as they came down. Track the inside out with George in groundbreaking point of view sequences that are utterly unique. Experience remote Australia and hidden California as ridden by Mac T, Ted Spencer, Baddy Treolar, Chris Brock, Gary Keys, Russell Hughes and a brigade of the underground’s best. Revel in the morphic hand hewn artwork of Patty Hennick. Hear the distinctive improvisational soundtrack which was scored on the spot by Dennis Dragon, (before the Surf Punks), his brothers Doug and Daryl, (the Captain before Tennille), and Denny Aaberg, (before Big Wednesday).

Finances entirely with the proceeds generated by Greenough’s fishing business, this document is entirely free of and commercial constraints or advertising sludge. Gritty, witty, unexpurgated, unadorned and essential; this is the first film from the tube’s perspective (GreenoughVision). It is the Innermost Limits of Pure Fun.
-C.R. Stecyk

“A landmark inside-out perspective of surfing that’s yet to be replicated– pure genius.” –Steve Pezman, Surfer Journal

“The very first viewpoint from the inside”. –Shaun Tomson

“The ’Coming of the Dawn’ take is simply the most visceral and mesmerizing stretch of the film in surf movie history” –Scott Hulet, Editor, Longboard Magazine

“Mezmerizing” –Tom Curren

Filmed and Edited by George Greenough
Sound: Dennis Dragon
Music Coordinator: Denny Aaberg

Featuring: Chris Brook, Robert Conneely, Danny Hazard, Russell Hughes, George Greenough, Gary Keys, Terry Keys, Bob McTavish, Dickie Nelson, Ted Spencer, Davide Treloar, and Greg Weaver.

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