August 28th, 2011

Salomon Drift Rocker Black Snowboard 152 - 2012

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Salomon Drift Rocker Black Snowboard 152 - 2012

Price: £279.95

Brand: Salomon

Availability: In Stock

Delivery: £3.50

Announced for the Autumn/Winter season we have the Salomon Drift Rocker Black Snowboard 152 - 2012. Click on the image for a larger view.

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Salomon Drift Rocker Black Snowboard 152 - 2012
The Salomon Drift Rocker is a snowboard for those who see the mountain as their playground, every little nuance becoming a feature to hit up regular, then fakie, then to butter into, then into and out of, until eventually that feature is slayed and it’s time for the next one. The Drift Rocker features the Press-sure Rocqualizer profile to help land the spins, Royal Rubber Pads to take the strain from your knees, the Equalizer sidecut for grip when it’s icy and an Aspen Light core to make it more flexible than your pet python. The Drift Rocker is a board for all abilities, just strap in and get the smile back on your face.

4X4 Insert Pattern 
PROFILE: Pres-sure Rocqualizer
STYLE: Freestyle
SHAPE: True Twin
CORE: Aspen Light
BASE: Extruded EG
EDGES: Full Edge Bevel+ 
SIDEWALLS: Equalizer | Royal Rubber Pads

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