January 31st, 2013

Burton Process V Rocker Snowboard 159 - 2011

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Burton Process V Rocker Snowboard 159 - 2011

Price: £279.95

Brand: Burton Snowboards

Availability: In Stock

Delivery: FREE

Here we have the Burton Process V Rocker Snowboard 159 - 2011. Click on the image for a larger view.

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Burton Process V Rocker Snowboard 159 - 2011
Limitless. Effortless. Everything. Built around the demands of filming legend Jussi Oksanen and contest threat Charles Reid, the NEW Burton Process V-Rocker Snowboard has shredding’s full spectrum covered. Just like its cambered cousin, this mid-wide machine is at home on all terrain. Upping your stomp-to-slam ratio, rockers between and outside your feet free you from hang-ups, while Frostbite Edges slice and dice bulletproof ice. Set it down without exploding - Smooth Ride absorbs shock, minimising fatigue for more control in sketchy situations!

Hi-Speed Quad Package

The Channel

ROCKER: V-Rocker

STYLE: All-Mountain Freestyle


FLEX: Directional

CORE: Super Fly Core with Dualzone EGD and Negative Core Profile


BASE: Sintered

EDGES: Frostbite Edges with Grip and Rip Tune


EXTRAS: Smooth Ride| NEW Jumper Cables | Scoop | Pro-Tip | Infinite Ride


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