November 30th, 2013

Salomon Special Ii Snowboard 159 Magnum (wide) - 2011

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Salomon Special Ii Snowboard 159 Magnum (wide) - 2011

Price: £279.95

Brand: Salomon

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Here we have the Salomon Special Ii Snowboard 159 Magnum (wide) - 2011. Click on the image for a larger view.

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Salomon Special II Snowboard 159 Magnum (Wide) - 2011
Salomon test, develop, and design the most sophisticated snowboards in the world. Salomon make soft, lightweight snowboards that have edge control and pop, so they feel GOOD when you ride them. They build gear for moments that riders experience in REAL LIFE, because when all the hype slides away it’s you, your gear and your friends on a patch of snow thinking "I’m doing this" as you drop in. The Salomon Special II is a banked slalom badass! Lightning quick response and maneuverability at any speed, the Special II is perfect for steep descents and lofty air time. Keep it real.

The Magnum has a wider template for those blessed with large feet.

STYLE: All Mountain - access anything!

MUSTACHE: Traditional Camber - Best for powerful park or all mountain riding

SHAPE: Directional Twin

SIDECUT: Quadratic

BASE: Zeolit

FACTORY FINISH: Medium Stone Grind | Full Edge Bevel

CORE: Ghost Light Core

CONSTRUCTION: Ghost Construction | Ghost Carbon XY Stringers

SUSPENSION: Rubber Rails

FLEX (1-5): 4

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