April 30th, 2016

K2 Cinch Ctc Snowboard Binding - Black - 2012

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K2 Cinch Ctc Snowboard Binding - Black - 2012

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Brand: K2 Snowboards

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Here we have the K2 Cinch Ctc Snowboard Binding - Black - 2012. Click on the image for a larger view.

K2 Cinch CTC Snowboard Binding - Black - 2012
Do you ever find yourself sitting at the top of the hill after getting off the lift freezing your ass off as you try in vain to get the ice out of the bottom of your binding before you can finally clip in, buckle up and get underway? Well, the Cinch series of bindings from K2 are here to show you that there is another way. The Cinch series come with an articulating highback and conventional straps, the idea being that you set the straps when you first use the binding and then just unclip the highback to slide your boot in or out thereafter meaning you never have to sit in the snow again, while you strap up your bindings anyway.  The CTC is compatible with any 3D on 4×4 insert pattern and is perfect for beginner to intermediate level snowboarders as it has a forgiving flex pattern allied with comfortable straps and let’s face it, riders at that level sit in the snow quite enough so the Cinch series will give them some respite from the cold!

STYLE: All-Mountain Freestyle | Freeride
DISKS: Multi-Compatible
HI-BACK: Cinch Airframe
STRAPS: Caddi Ankle Strap | Cinch Universal
BUCKLES: Speed with Friction Housing
FOOTBED: Standard

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