October 30th, 2016

Stretch The Thing Surfboard

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Stretch The Thing Surfboard

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Here we have the Stretch The Thing Surfboard. Click on the image for a larger view.

New for 2010, the THING can be utilised as a tri or quad fin set up. Two boards in one!

Nathan Fletcher’s latest collaboration with Stretch is an ultra small, high performance board. It’s tough to categorize as it can be used as a daily driver in all around surf. It can punt huge airs. It’s small enough to fit into the tightest places yet can still handle the big drops. It’s unique design features a short yet full outline to accommodate both a tri and a quad set up so you can experiment with different feels all with one little board!

If you like to have fun in any kind of surf then you’ll be stoked on the THING model. It’s an all around board that just happens to be really small. It’s not a grovel board. It’s not going to replace your fish. It can very well be your daily driver that you’ll grab no matter what the surf is doing.

Ride this board about 5” shorter, ½â€ wider and 1/8” thicker than your normal shortboard.

The THING features a base outline similar to a miniature Fletcher Four-fin or Ratskate model with a normal looking nose and full tail. Dimensions are pushed out in width while reducing the length to add voluptuous curves for quickness in small pockets and round waves. This added curve allows Stretch to bring in the tail block similar to a Ratskate model and push the fin cluster back so it can be railed hard off the tail despite it’s small size.

Similar to all of Stretch’s high performance boards, the THING features continuous rocker for predictability and a broadened “sweet spot”.

Symmetrical, round 50/50 rails with a hard edge in the tail.

Vee in the nose transitions to a single concave between the feet with a slight vee out the tail.


Available in:
5′4″ x 19.75 x 2.35
5′6″ x 20 x 2.5

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