September 14th, 2019

Burton Blunt Snowboard 158 - 2012

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Burton Blunt Snowboard 158 - 2012

Price: £299.95

Brand: Burton Snowboards

Availability: In Stock

Delivery: £3.50

Here we have the Burton Blunt Snowboard 158 - 2012. Click on the image for a larger view.

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Burton Blunt Snowboard 158 - 2012
The Burton Blunt. You’re turns are linking, you’re riding fakie from time to time and all you really want is to get into the park and get airborne but your current shred stick feels like a noodle beneath your feet. The Burton Blunt is waiting in the wings to take your riding to the next level, featuring Jumper Cables to get your ollies soaring, Pro Tip to help you spin, V-Rocker with Cruise Control to help you land the sketchier ones and Frostbite edges to help you pick the perfect line into the feature and stay on it. The only thing you need to do is conquer the drop-in!

Double Chair Package

3D Insert Pattern 


STYLE: Freestyle


FLEX: Twin


FIBERGLASS: Biax Fiberglass

BASE: Extruded

EDGES: Frostbite Edges with Rail Ready Tune


EXTRAS: Jumper Cables | Pro Tip


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